What’s in a name?

In the fall of 2014, after having a mammogram, I was called back for a more extensive evaluation. During the course of the next few months, I had more mammograms than I could count, an MRI, and two separate biopsies. The results were atypical dysplasia, a precursor to breast cancer. The treatment was lumpectomy. Because I had two separate lesions, I had two separate lumpectomies. One lesion was ductal atypical dysplasia, another lesion was globular atypical dysplasia. I had always thought that I was reasonably healthy. I ran my first marathon at the age of 40 and continued to train to run two more marathons over the course of the next 3 years. I was in training for the Dublin marathon when I received the diagnosis, at the age of 45.

Two weeks following my surgery, I had an appointment for a post-surgical follow-up. At this appointment, I was told that having atypical dysplasia increases my risk of breast cancer by 50%. In addition, I was told that because I had two lesions that were of a different type, my chances were increased two-fold. My doctor’s statement—“You can do the math”.

Well, I did the math, and decided that I am determined to not be a statistic in the world of cancer. I was given the blessing of advanced warning, and I heeded it and set out on a journey to discover what exactly is health and how does it apply to my life? And then I had to ask myself the question…as a dentist, how can I apply what I am discovering to help my patients in their own health? And two years later, we have…Origin Dental Wellness.

Origin Dental Wellness understands that the health of your mouth is intimately related to the health and wellness of your overall body. We believe that infection that is present anywhere in the mouth can stress the immune system, resulting in manifestations of disease elsewhere in the body. We believe that mercury is not a healthy choice for filling material, and when removed, should be removed safely so as not to increase exposure to the patient or the provider. We believe everyone has a unique and God-designed body that reacts uniquely to what is being placed into it. We believe that we are privileged to walk beside our patients in pursuing their overall health. We believe that we lead by example. We believe that what we do makes a difference.

At the end of February 2020, I extended my qualifications and services to you by becoming Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition.  As a holistic practitioner that focuses on the mouth and its relationship to the rest of the body, it was only fitting I add the nutritional component to what we offer you. If we are to lead by example, knowing what feeds your health is paramount.

So, welcome to Origin Dental Wellness!

Making smart decisions in personal health begins by being intentional about food. Good nutrition is the common thread that runs through all healthy individuals.  Healthy, conscious choices about food are a preventive measure against illness. We offer nutrition counseling along with our dental checkups as part of a balanced approach to better living. Our structured approach to wellness is built on a foundation of preventive nutrition.