About Us

Origin Dental Wellness

Excellence with Compassion

Our commitment to excellence shows in our passion for providing the best care for our patients. Our team members have been hand-picked to assure the patient receives not only the best treatment, but also the best service. Our team has been together for an average of nearly 13 years, which is rare in today’s market. Our mission is to always put the patient first while providing the most efficient and up-to-date dental techniques.

Origin Dental Wellness is a remarkable family of dental health and wellness professionals offering restoration of smiles and well-being.  We focus on total health and wellness working from the inside out, providing exceptional dental restorative care while utilizing concepts in oral medicine that include wellness and nutrition counseling to keep you healthy for a lifetime.

We serve health oriented people who demand the highest quality of care delivered through collaboration with respect and compassion, thereby enhancing the quality of their lives and our own.

We are thankful to God for the privilege of being able to work together in encouragement of one another, allowing each one to live to the potential of who they were created to be.

We are one of very few dentists in Oklahoma that provide mercury-safe silver amalgam filling removal as distinguished through IAOMT membership.

For Kids Too

We see patients of all ages. We suggest bringing in the little ones around 3 years of age. Dr. Toler recommends they be introduced to our team prior to that by way of a parent or older sibling’s appointment. Our hygienist, Kristen will do what we call a “happy visit” where the child sits on mom/dad/sibling’s lap and lets Kristen count their teeth and possibly brush them.

If they do well during this visit, they are ready next time for their first teeth cleaning and exam. There’s still plenty of “happy” in that visit too! 🙂

Full Professional Dentistry

We are a family of dental health and wellness professionals committed to your total care. We offer a complete list of oral care techniques for every situation or condition. We are one of a few dentists in Oklahoma that provide mercury-safe amalgam filling removal.  We provide a comprehensive list of cosmetic, restorative, surgical and periodontal procedures that utilize the latest technology in the field.

Holistic Approach

Better mind and body health begin by treating the whole person. Patients receive personalized evaluations that focus on quality living and resolving underlying issues that cause problems in the mouth. We treat the person, not just the illness. That means improving your overall health profile and not just treating pain. By providing you with a fuller picture of your nutritional and oral care we aim to prevent future illnesses in your whole body. The following video presented by the IAOMT helps address our philosophy with regards to our holistic vision and your health.

Relationship Driven

We desire to serve and provide the best treatment that is custom fit for you. Our focus on healthy smiles and total wellness begins by treating you like a member of the family. Our friendly supportive staff ensures your comfort is our priority.  We provide an atmosphere where visitors expect friendly support and honest conversation about their health priorities. Our concern drives our care. We design custom plans starting with oral care and building out.

Nutrition and Diet

Making smart decisions in personal health begins by being intentional about food. Good nutrition is the common thread that runs through all healthy individuals.  Healthy, conscious choices about food are a preventive measure against illness. We offer nutrition counseling along with our dental checkups as part of a balanced approach to better living. Also a certified Nutrition Consultant, Dr. Toler’s structured approach to wellness is built on a foundation of preventive nutrition and is sure to set everyone on their pathways to wellness.